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Global cyber-crime damages, estimated at $6 trillion in 2021 (CAGR: 15%) are projected to reach $10.5 trillion by 2025 (Cybercrime Magazine, 2020).

The world cannot function without the speed that is offered by the internet. It revolutionized organizations, allowing them to be connected at all times and communicate at the speed of light. However, that has also led to the emergence of cyber threats which end up causing massive financial damage. 

As per the latest data, the cost of cyber threats could touch as much as $10 trillion soon and hence, companies need robust cybersecurity solutions in place as soon as possible. Sekur Private Data Ltd (CSE: SKUR) (OTCQX: SWISF)  is a cybersecurity company that is involved in this space and is known for providing secure communication tools that prevent cyber-attacks consistently. 

The company offers Swiss hosted solutions that enable private and secure communications. It offers a suite of products that include secure messengers, encrypted emails and other tools for secure communication. The company sells its products not only through its approve distributors but also through its own website and global telecom companies. It serves customers of all sizes starting from retail consumers to enterprises and governments all over the world. The company was in the news last week after it provided an update about the launch of its Sekur Enterprise Solutions. 

Sekur Private Data announced that it was on course to launch the product on time at the end of July this year. The product is going to be targeted at SMBs, governmental organizations and large enterprises. It would offer full users’ management, email, messaging, and an admin dashboard for mass onboarding and management of employees at an organization. 

The product would also offer a new email feature but the company would make an announcement regarding the same in the upcoming weeks. The feature would allow enterprises to host C Level emails on secure and private servers maintained by Sekur.