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There have been a number of stocks that have managed to record considerable gains in recent days, and one such stock is Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR). The stock was one of the biggest movers this past Friday, as it ended up with considerable gains both in the United States and Canadian exchanges.

In the United States, the Sekur stock was up by 72.05%, while in Canada it had clocked gains of as much as 52%. The rally in the stock may have been triggered by the fact that this past Saturday, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Alain Ghiai, had been scheduled for an interview on Newsmax. On Monday, he appeared in an interview on Fox Business.

The segment was known as The Weekly Hack, and during the interview, Ghiai discussed a recent report pertaining to Phishing emails, which compromise subscribers of streaming content services. Ghiai provided a range of ways it would be possible to avoid being the victim of such a phishing email scam.

However, if one subscribed to SekurMail, then the user would get the SekurSend and SekurReply features. The features would provide protection to both the subscriber and the recipient of the message.

On August 23, Sekur Private Data came into focus after it announced that it had launched its website,, in its updated version. The updated version provided ‘Products’ pages for each of its three flagship solutions: SekurVPN, SekurMessenger, and SekurMail. Additionally, the new website also provided a mini-site with a detailed explanation of each solution provided by the company. More importantly, Sekur noted that the updates had resulted in higher traffic to the website and also boosted conversion rates. Sekur noted at the time that it was going to continue to improve the website with the addition of videos.