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In the past 30 days, there have been certain stocks that have managed to make fairly dramatic moves, and one of those was Sibannac Inc. (OTC:SNNC).

During the course of that period, the stock went from $.009 a share to $.0322 a share. In light of such significant gains, it may well be the right time for investors to consider keeping track of the stock more closely.

The company is in the news this morning following a key announcement, and it could be a good idea to take a closer look into it. This morning, the company made an announcement through Letz Go Energy, its newly acquired brand, which is the flagship brand of its subsidiary unit, Immersive Brand Concepts.

Sibannac announced this morning that it was thrilled that the brand had made its debut in the Las Vegas and New York markets through its partnership with seasoned distributors AH80 and Hygeia Distribution. In order to commemorate the major revenue milestone, Letz Go Energy announced the introduction of its path-breaking Kratom Energy Shot.

Kratom Energy Shot is revolutionary since it is laced with natural ingredients and certain catalysts that are known to provide pain relief and sharpen focus. The order placed for Kratom Energy Shot had been for 30,000 initial units, which would be distributed in both the Las Vegas and New York markets.

In the news release sent out by the company this morning, it was announced that it believed the product line from Letz Go Energy had the ability to revolutionize the energy supplement industry as a whole. It would also provide its customers with an over-the-counter solution to a wide range of common ailments that plague people pretty frequently. The product would also provide vitality and a higher level of focus for consumers.