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Sibannac Inc (OTC:SNNC), which is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, is a specialist in the creation and sales of advanced wellness products as consumer packaged goods. Yesterday the company was in the news after it announced that through Immersive Brand Concepts Inc, its Oklahoma-based subsidiary, it had unveiled its latest line of products named Let’s Go Health and Immunity.

The latest line of products launched by the company consisted of a wide range of immunity and health-boosting products. The products that are going to be sold under these brands had been formulated with the use of natural ingredients like Vitamin D, Silver, Zinc, Fulvic Acid, and Humic Acid among others. The products leverage the power of these ingredients so as to boost overall well-being.

Some of the products that are going to be offered under the Let’s Go Health and Immunity brand are DNA Genesis, 02 On the Go, Master Detox, Colostrum, and ZLife. The news was a significant one with regards to Sibannac and the launch of this array of products could bring the stock into focus among investors.

In this regard, it should be noted that it was on June 13 that the company announced that it had acquired Immersive Brand Concepts, a product development and manufacturing company involved in new-age wellness products based out of Oklahoma.

At the time it was noted that the acquisition was a significant one for the company as it geared up to bring about disruption in the alternative wellness market. Immersive Brand Concepts commands considerable experience in the creation of captivating and unique brands. It also deploys advanced technologies by way of which it draws the attention of target markets.

The deal was supposed to bring considerable logistical and manufacturing efficiencies to Sibannac.