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Investors can often find veritable gems in the sub-penny stock category if they put in the right level of research. This feature is going to provide investors with a closer look at three sub-penny stocks that may be worth watching at this point in time.

Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. (OTC:SIRC), the single-source integrated solutions provider of electric vehicle charging systems, solar power, and roofing, was in focus on August 30. On that day, Solar Integrated Roofing Corp. announced that it had managed to eliminate as much as $1.5 million in debt. The company concluded a 3A10 transaction with Continuation Capital.

As per the terms of the transaction, $1,063,778 in debt was retired. Additionally, the total number of shares reserved for the transaction was 239,239,890, while the total number of shares issued for the transaction was 144,302,020. Some other debts were settled as well, including a note with an individual lender worth $150,000.

Seven Arts Entertainment Inc. (OTC: SAPX) announced on August 30 that it had entered into a joint venture agreement for multiple releases with THS Music and Films. It should be noted that Thom Hazaert, a director at Seven Arts Entertainment Inc., controls THS Music and Films privately.

He joined Seven Arts in August of last year for the purpose of managing A&R and acquisitions. Additionally, in recent times, his role at the company has become far more important, as he also took over a major role in managing the Dolby Atmos facility in Atlanta.

Hear AtLast Holdings Inc. (OTC: HRAL): The company announced on August 30 that it had entered into a strategic partnership with pioneering web push notification platform operator

In its news release, Hear AtLast Holdings Inc. noted that the collaboration had the potential to revolutionize the way in which brands communicate in this digital age. It would also make the communication more personalized. The partnership would focus on push notifications to spread the brand’s message. It would also see the development of intuitive apps that would provide real-time updates to users.