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Software Effective Solutions Corporation’s (OTC: SFWJ) subsidiary Medcana is pleased to announce the successful launch of test greenhouses for microclimates and genetics with five partner firms in Colombia and South America which have significantly better economics than the US and Canada. According to Arcview Market Research, the cost to cultivate cannabis in Colombia is 60X less expensive than in Canada and 30X less than in the U.S.

Last week there had been a number of stocks which had enjoyed substantial gains and one of the more eye-catching movers was the Software Effective Solutions Corporation stock. The stock was in major focus last week and had ended up clocking gains of as much as 192% at one point, before having a pullback.

In light of such massive gains, it could be a good move for investors to keep the stock on their radars this week. As it happens, Software Effective Solutions Corporation was actually in the news last week on October 28 when its subsidiary unit Medcana made a key announcement.

Medcana announced that it had been successful in launching test greenhouses for genetics and microclimates with as many as five partners in Colombia in South America. In this regard, it ought to be noted that cultivation in Colombia offers significant competitive advantages to Medcana.

In addition to excellent cultivation conditions, it offers much better economic advantages when compared to Canada and the United States and also provides an excellent gateway for exporting to some of the major markets in the world. As per research conducted by Arcview Market Research, the cost of cultivating cannabis in Columbia is 30 times cheaper when compared to the United States and 60 times cheaper than the costs in Canada.

The Chief Executive Officer of Medcana, Jose Gabriel Diaz, spoke about the latest developments as well. He noted that testing had been commenced simultaneously with as many as five partners.

The company is looking for partners to conduct tests so as to identify the most desirable strands after the analysis of the results. It now remains to be seen if the Software Effective Solutions Corporation stock stays in focus among investors over the course of this week or not.