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In recent times, certain stocks have been on the short alert lists of investors, and it may be a good time to take a closer look into some of those. This feature would give you a look into four such stocks that may be worth tracking.

Clean Vision Corporation (OTCQB: CLNV) The company is involved in the operation of a number of synergistic companies in the green energy and clean technology sectors. On September 7, Clean Vision Corporation announced that the $1.75 million forgivable loan had been disbursed to it as per the Memorandum of Agreement that it had signed with the West Virginia Department of Economic Development in June 2023.

As per the provisions of the agreement, the company would need to generate employment in at least 40 jobs over a period of three years for the loan to be forgiven. The company noted that the non-dilutive funding would play a major role in speeding up the launch of its plastic waste to circular fuel facility in Quincy, Virginia.

The stock continued to trend higher on Wednesday and surged 13.30% on impressive volume of 8.61 million shares, 4x Avg 30 day volume.

FingerMotion Inc. (NASDAQ:FNGR)—the mobile services and data company—had been the subject of a short-seller report dated October 3, 2023, from Capybara Research, a short-selling research firm. On October 4, FingerMotion Inc. issued a response to the report. The company revealed that, upon a review conducted by its management, it concluded that the research report was beset with many unverified speculations, inaccurate depictions of events, and errors.

It was further noted that the management of FingerMotion, along with its Board of Directors, would conduct further review of the report and take whatever steps necessary for the purpose of protecting the interests of the shareholders. The company went on to add that it had already started the process of hiring the services of experts to tackle the situation.

NGR Closed Up 18.78% on 2.58M shares of volume at $5.44.

Houston Natural Resources Corporation (OTC:HNRC) On Wednesday, the company was in the news after it provided an update to its shareholders with the highlights of some recent business developments. It could be a good idea to look into some of the highlights.

Houston Natural Resources Corporation concluded the asset spinoff dividend to shareholders pertaining to its majority-owned subsidiary Worldwide Diversified Holdings Inc., completed the 100% acquisition of Cunningham Energy LLC, and concluded the 9% interest acquisition in the Placer Claims at the Nugget Trap Placer Mine. Another key acquisition was the acquisition of a 40% stake in Rhino Energy. The company noted that it expected to surpass its 2023-year projections of $12 million in earnings and $20 million in revenues.

HNRC stock ended up over 8.30% on Wednesday on massive volume of 1.43 million shares – about 3.9X its daily average volume.

Enzolytics Inc. (OTC:ENZC) The company hit the news cycle on September 18 after it announced that it had signed a binding acquisition agreement regarding the sale of Virogenetics Inc. and Biogenysis Inc., its operating subsidiaries, to Sagaliam Acquisition Coro.

Enzolytics Inc. revealed that the transaction was worth $450,000,000. The combined entity, following the completion of the transaction, would trade on NASDAQ. It was also noted in the news release that the de-SPAC process had been initiated by the concerned parties and that the closure of the transaction was moving in the right direction.