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Tocvan Ventures Corp (CSE:TOC) (OTCQB:TCVNF), which is involved in the exploration development space. There has been significant interest in mining exploration companies given the volatility in commodity prices across the world related to geopolitical, issues among other issues.

The company had been established with the purpose of taking advantage of the downward spiral in the junior mining exploration sector. Tocvan intends to identify and then work on opportunities in this space only if the management believes that it may be possible to get value based on previous success.

The company has interests in the Pilar Gold-Silver project and El Picacho Gold-Silver project in Sonora, Mexico and management believes that both these projects present major opportunities to boost shareholder value. Recently, the company announced the results from the surface channel sampling for Bulk samples at the Pilar Gold-Silver Project.

The company completed channel sampling every 5 meters perpendicular so as to reveal alteration and mineralization on the surface. A total of eight locations had been sampled by the company for the purpose of testing the variations of mineralization. It was a significant new development for Tocvan and it is now going to be interesting to see if the stock comes into focus or not.

The Chief Executive Officer Brodie Sutherland noted that the results obtained by the company from the channel sampling at the Pilar property were highly encouraging and surpassed the expectations of the management. The company also announced that as much as 1000 tonnes of oxide-gold material could be extracted from selected areas.