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One of the things that investors ought to be aware of with regard to stock market success is that it almost always pays for investors to look for stocks that may be undervalued by the market. However, it does take considerable research to discover such stock. This article is going to provide you with a glimpse into one such stock- Kaival Brands (NASDAQ:KAVL).

After the recent correction, the stock is undervalued at this point in time and could well be ready for a rebound. However, it is also necessary for investors to take a closer look before making up their minds one way or another.

The company is based out of Florida and is involved in incubating and then growing profitable products into prominent brands in their specific markets. The company manages to achieve that through its innovative practices. At this point in time, the company is best known for being the exclusive distributor of all the vapor products manufactured by Bidi Vapor in the United States.

However, that is not all. The company also struck up a deal with Phillip Morris Products SA, the affiliate of the tobacco behemoth, by way of which the latter would distribute products from Bidi Vapor in some of the markets outside the United States. It was a major deal for the company and one that had brought Kaival Brands onto the radars of investors in a big way.

Back in November last year, the company announced that it extended its agreement with QuikfillRx, its third-party vendor which is in charge of taking care of Kaival Brands’ sales and marketing strategies. However, that was not all. As per the provisions of the agreement, QuikfillRx also had a rebrand and was named Kaival Marketing Services so as to reflect its mission and purpose.