There are a number of companies in the mining sector that may pique the interest of investors at this point in time and one of them could well be the mining technology company Regenx Tech Corp (OTCQB:RGXTF) (TSX.V:RGX). The company is currently best known for having come up with an environmentally friendly extraction technology for precious metals.

Watch Regenx Tech — The Future of Precious Metals Recovery with CEO Greg Pendura

While it is true that the company has its fair share of competitors in this space, it is also true that it may also enjoy a considerable competitive advantage which may be interesting to investors. As it happens, the Chief Executive Officer of the company Greg Pentara spoke about the same not too long ago.

He noted that the company enjoyed a major competitive advantage over its rivals since the latter would need to create a supply chain from the group up. However, the technology that Regenx has in place is ready for use on a commercial scale.

The company’s technology can help in recovering in excess of 90% of platinum or palladium which are embedded in diesel catalytic converters in an environmentally friendly manner. The alternative is to extract the metal through a smelting process which is not only uneconomical but also quite dirty, as per Pentara.

He added that the situation is expected to change in a big way since Regenx would complete its plant in the first quarter and in the next quarter of 2023 production would commence. The clean technology sector is expected to grow in a big way in the coming years and Regenx is expected to be one of the major growth companies in it.

The company is expected to achieve that through the development and commercial use of its eco-friendly processing technologies for the purpose of recovering precious metals. It may be a good move to keep an eye on the stock.