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IJJ Corporation (OTCMKTS:IJJP) developed a payment processing service where business’s structure subscribers as backers for specific ongoing programs with sustainable funding and betterment and improvement projects. The WebApp is an eCommerce Exchange Trading Platform Solution called eCETP, see more now.

There are some companies that may be a bit under the radar at this point in time and hence, it may be just the right time for investors to consider taking a look into some of those. One of the companies that may be worth consideration at this point in time is IJJP Corporation (OTCMKTS:IJJP).

The company is involved in providing management and consulting services to both private as well as publicly listed companies. It also provides its services to service contractors and to professionals. Some of the services provided by IJJP include management consulting, financial support services, and subscription service programs.

The company had previously been known as Sun & Surf Inc but in 2004 it changed its name to the present one. It had been established back in 2003 and is based out of Silver Spring in Maryland. There has not been any news about the company for quite some time but back on May 23, that company had come into focus after it provided a key update.

IJJP provided an update with regards to the NFT (non-fungible token) application deployment, filing requirements, and some WebApp development-related projects. The company announced at the time that Montech Studio was going to launch the first NFT collection from Angel Anya. The collection is going to be headlined by the NFT for the single ‘HIGH ALTITUDE’.

The collection had been made available back on May 16, 2022, and the artist’s fans, as well as music enthusiasts, were able to start buying it. It was a significant move by IJJP into a potentially lucrative sector and marked a major shift for the company. It now remains to be seen if the company manages to work further in this particular space over the coming months or not..