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XTM Inc (OTCQB:XTMIF) (PAID:C) is a financial technology company, based out of Toronto and Miami, which creates payment innovations that are specifically aimed at the service industries like personal care and hospitality. On June 20, the company hit the news cycle when it came up with a corporate update.

The announcement was a follow-up on the announcement from the company on June 15 titled “XTM Signs Definitive Agreement To Acquire Issuer, Processor, Certified EWA Provider- QRAILS.” The company announced that the deal would include insights into QRailsAnyDay, which is the only worldwide Earned Wage Access providing service which had been certified by SAP for its Success Factors and Workforce software systems.

XTM is now a major established player in the on-demand pay space and counts some of the major companies in the service sector among its clients. However, it should also be noted that the company continues to be a leading innovator and strives for further digitization so as to support businesses. The service also provides workers with the inspiration to be more willing to work their shifts which include expense management and call-outs. It could be a good time to add the stock to your watch list.