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On June 15, Silver Bullet Mines Corp (SBMI.V) (OTCQB:SBMCF) had come into the news cycle after it came up with an operational update with regards to its activities in Arizona. The company revealed that its mill located in Globe, Arizona had been operating on a single shift of duration of ten hours every day.

The company noted that the mill had been working at the optimum level of efficiency and had been processing mineralized materials from the lower-grade stockpiles derived from vein material. The higher-grade materials derived from the mine would also be introduced at the mill eventually.

Silver Bullet Mines also announced that it was looking to raise the operating hours through the addition of another shift. That would happen once the crew at the mill grows more familiar with the running of the mill and are in a position to manage a second shift. The company also released videos from the mill on its website.

In the seven days prior to the announcement, the mill had processed around 350 tons of vein material and produced 418 pounds of magnetic and non-magnetic concentrates. Due to the color of the concentrate, management noted that it believed that the material could be gold.