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Investors are now increasingly getting an interest in the cybersecurity sector and for good reason too, considering the fact that the sector is expected to grow strongly in the coming years. One of the companies in the sector that could be tracked by investors at this point in time is Zerify Inc (OTCMKTS:ZRFY).

The company is involved in the secure videoconferencing solutions space and has been in the cybersecurity business for more than two decades. Yesterday, the company was in the news after it announced that its products Zerify Defender and Zerify Meet had been licensed by Mountain Entities Inc to protect client and corporate data. It was the latest in a string of licensing deals that the company signed and could bring the Zerify stock into focus as well.

The Chief Executive Officer of Mountain Entities Dana Brunn spoke about the latest development as well. Brunn noted that Mountain Entities had been involved in helping companies of various sizes with industry-related transitions with regard to competitiveness and compliance.

Eventually, the company became a trusted operator in the healthcare compliance solutions space and that was the reason for higher cybersecurity. Brunn noted that healthcare data is currently regarded as the most valuable and hence, it has become a target of hackers. Hence, Mountain Entities had chosen to protect its confidential data with the solutions from Zerify.

Mark L Kay, the Chief Executive Officer of Zerify also spoke about the vulnerability that is faced by healthcare data. He stated that hackers are now capable of bypassing the Endpoint and Response Systems and anti-virus systems that are in place in most companies at this point. However, the unique features that are on offer from Zerify Defender and Zerify Meet are going to help in securing the data in an effective way from those hackers.