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One of the companies to have been in the news in recent times owing to a string of developments is Cann America Corp (OTC: CNNA) and earlier on in the month the company made another major announcement. The company announced earlier this month that effective March 15 it went into an agreement with Adam Scherr to become its brand ambassador and also that of its other business unit Prodigy Stem Cell LLC. Scherr would act as a brand ambassador for the company for a period of 12 months.

It was a significant new announcement from the company and one that investors may be interested in. Scherr is a noted public figure, who had been a professional strongman and at this point World Wrestling Entertainment employs him.

Last week on March 24 the company announced that it had filed a new 8K. It was announced at the time that many pro athletes were believers in the products from Cann American and more would be announced in the coming days. In addition to that, the company also announced that it was moving along with its audit process and had gotten through February 2023 already. The company was preparing to file its Form 10 soon.

Earlier on in the year back on January 10, the company had come into the news cycle after it came up with an update for its shareholders. The company announced that it had gone into an asset purchase agreement with a gaming and technology company back on October 31, 2022.

However, due to certain unexpected circumstances, the two parties agreed mutually to wind down that deal and return to how things were previously. That being said, Cann American did announce at the time that the management was concentrating on efforts to uplist the company to SEC reporting and continued to work on its audit process.