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On February 21, 2024, Dyadic International Inc. (NASDAQ: DYAI) garnered significant attention from investors as its stock surged by 19.2%, marking the highest volume in the past six months. The company, a global technology firm specializing in advanced microbial platforms for bio-production and protein development to meet clinical demands, came into focus. This morning, news broke that Dyadic had extended its partnership with the Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) and Life Sciences Research Israel (LSRI), its commercial affiliate, to focus on developing solutions for emerging diseases.

The partnership aims to harness the company’s expertise in flexible-scale protein bio-production using microbial platforms. Moreover, it will capitalize on IIBR’s ability to identify antigens and antibodies for manufacturing solutions to emerging diseases and threats. In a broader context, this collaboration seeks to advance the development of effective vaccines and treatments to address global health challenges, with the goal of commercialization in mind. Commercialization of these discoveries will be facilitated through licensing agreements.

IIBR is set to contribute to the enhancement of Dyadic International’s C1 cell lines by utilizing proprietary gene sequences. This collaboration aims to improve the bio-manufacturing of neutralizing agents and recombinant vaccines. The focus of the partnership will be on addressing emerging diseases through various global out-licensing initiatives aimed at broadening access.

These actions would additionally enhance the accessibility of vaccines and antibodies for patients. LSRI has previously partnered with Dyadic International, with the collaboration beginning in January 2018 and later expanding during the pandemic. LSRI has expressed satisfaction with the progress made through the utilization of Dyadic International’s C1 technology for the co-development of vaccines.

Dyadic International Inc. (NASDAQ: DYAI) is showing several bullish signs, having risen for three consecutive days. Additionally, the MACD (Moving Average Convergence Divergence), a momentum indicator, has turned upward, signaling a bullish crossover with the EMA (Exponential Moving Average). Both the EMA and MACD track the relationship between two moving averages of a security’s price, indicating that the stock has entered an upward trend. This positions DYAI as one to keep a close eye on in the near term.