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Diversified holding company Gaensel Energy Group Inc (OTCMKTS:GEGR) could well be the one to watch out for today after its stock experienced major action on Tuesday. It ended the day with gains of as much as 32.31% and at the same time the trading volume for the day had also soared to twice the daily average.

Market Stats

On Tuesday, GEGR stock surged 32.31% to $0.0475 with more than 1.62 million shares, compared to its average volume of 1.03 million shares. The stock moved within a range of $0.0330 – 0.0580 after opening trading at $0.0351.

As a matter of fact, the stock had gone up by as much as 50% at one point in the day.  As an international holding company, Gaensel Energy Group currently holds assets worth as much as $55.6 million. 2021 was a particularly momentous year for the company as it clocked sales of as much as $77.9 million and at the same time, managed to hit operating margins of 46.3%.

The company holds interests across a range of sectors and the company has claimed that all those sectors are expected to clock double-digit yearly growth over the course of the next half a decade. At this point in time, the company’s asset base is made up of companies in sectors starting from commodities, biotech, green renewable energy technology to health, beauty, fashion and metaverse. All those companies are already producing revenues and that perhaps makes Gaensel Energy Group a particularly interesting proposition for investors.

There was no news about the company yesterday but back on July 29, the company had made an announcement with regards to the fact that its unit Metro VR Studios had finalised the list of its PCVR and VR titles that are going to be launched in the early days of 2023.

Metro VR Studios is based out of Boston, Massachusetts, and is currently regarded as one of the earliest innovators in the feature-length virtual reality titles space. It now remains to be seen if the Gaensel Energy Group stock can add to its gains today.