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General Enterprise Ventures Inc (OTC:GEVI) is currently best known for the work being done by its subsidiary company Mighty Fire Breaker. Yesterday it emerged that the Independent Advisory Board at Mighty Fire Breaker had been joined by Several Retired Fire Officials.

Those in attendance were Jeff Bowman, the Southern California Fire Chief, Peter Brierty, the San Bernardino Fire Chief/Marshall and Jim Thomson, the Northern California Fire Chief/Marshall. The retired fire officials, who had all been decorated for their services, noted that there was a need for adding new second lines of defense in case of wildfires. The retired officials noted that the DIY wildfire defense systems from MFB should be installed in all homes in wildfire areas and also endorsed the use of Green EPA Safer Choice Fire Chemistry from MFB for proactive fire defense purposes in all wildfire areas.

Prior to joining the board, each of the retired officials had vetted the proprietary fire inhibitor MFB-31-CitroTech and all its accreditations. They were also ready to help all the fire departments in understanding how adding MFB’s products and strategies could help them in making the lives of firefighters easier. Additionally, it ought to be noted that the former officials had also witnessed first-hand the potency of the Do It Yourself Wildfire Defense System from MFB and how it halted the advance of a wildfire.

Bowman noted that the old methods of wildfire management were not working and hence, it was necessary to usher in an era of a strategy that could be both proactive and effective. He went on to note that everyone should embrace the technology from MFB for the purpose of protecting one’s property and family. Rest of the officials also echoed similar sentiments and it may certainly be seen as a shot in the arm for the company.p