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Marketing Worldwide Corporation (OTC: MWWC), is pleased to announce that it has provided ‘TCO’ Robert Blagman the ‘green light’ to pursue “Hollywood After Dark” a worldwide live late night television series. Mr. Blagman stated, “This is the first content project pursued by the ‘MWWC’ family and I am confident this series can jump start the Marketing Worldwide Media brand and the associated ‘business machine’ behind it.”

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MWWC stock has been witnessing increased volume this month and has gained about 500% so far in March.

On Thursday, Marketing Worldwide Corporation came into the news cycle after it announced that it had given the proverbial green light for pursuing ‘Hollywood After Dark’. The show would be a live television show, which would be hosted by Emma Slater and produced by the founder of MYTURN TV Lauren Hirsch Williams.

The live late-night television show would be telecast and shown all over the world. Robert Blagman, who is the ‘TCO’ for the show, spoke about the development as well. He noted that the show was the first content that was being pursued by Marketing Worldwide Corporation and went on to note that the show could help in jump-starting the Marketing Worldwide Media brand along with the related business ‘machine’.

The show is regarded as a modern version of the famous show ‘Playboy After Dark’ and would be hosted by Emma Slater, who is famous for her association with Dancing with the Stars. The show’s format is going to see some of the most famous names in Hollywood being invited to an ‘invitation only’ event at an exclusive nightclub located in Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.

This show is going to provide a large number of audiences with a look into the way Hollywood stars socialize and more importantly, the show is going to be uncensored, thereby providing a novelty that may not exist in any other show centered on celebrity culture.