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Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. (OTC:MMMW) has started to prepares the construction of two solar power systems in Brooklyn, New York, to demonstrate the benefits of the company’s patent-pending, Solar Tracking technology. 

The renewable energy sector is one that has attracted considerable attention from investors in recent times and for good reason too, due to the possibility of rapid growth in the long term. One of the companies that may well be worth looking into at this point in time is Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc.

The company has emerged as a notable player in the industry and earlier on in the week of July 25, a significant piece of news emerged with regards to its operations. On that day, it emerged that the company had started preparations with regard to the construction of as many as two solar power systems. The power systems in question are going to be located in Brooklyn, New York.

The power systems are going to be built so as to display the advantages of using the company’s very own Solar Tracking technology. The technology is still at a patent pending stage. The two systems are going to be totally similar but one of those will be equipped with Solar Tracking technology while the other is going to not.

Once these two systems are operational, the performances are going to be compared in order to show that the one equipped with Solar Power technology could actually bring about a 30% boost in power generation. On the other hand, the boost is only going to result in a 10% rise in costs.

It goes without saying that it is a highly ambitious project that Mass Megawatts Wind Power is going to be embarking on and there is expected to be considerable focus on the two systems once they are both installed. The systems are going to be set up next to each other on a rooftop location. It may be a good idea to keep an eye on the Mass Megawatts Wind Power stock at this point.