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Gaensel Energy Group, Inc., (OTC: GEGR), a diversified holding company, following the purchase of Lipro HKW-HGW a biomass cogeneration plant designed to produce electricity valued at over $7M USD is pleased to announce the finalization of the first tranche of the share capital of Tigullio Shipping spa, the total final investment will be equal to € 10,000,000.00, a sum totally self-financed by the Green Solution & GNL Consortium.

In recent times, the diversified company Gaensel Energy Group Inc has made a number of moves in a wide range of sectors, and earlier on in the week, it provided an update with its latest foray into the green energy space. It may be a good idea for investors to actually take a look at the announcement from the company in order to have a better idea about the merits of the stock.

On July 25, Gaensel Energy Group announced that it had been successful in completing the acquisition of Tigullio Shipping Spa and thereby made a bigger move into the green energy space. The company announced on that day that it had finalized the first tranche of the share capital for Tigullio Shipping. Tigullio is the company that actually manages and owns the Western wing of the Chiavari Marina.

In this situation, could be a good move for investors to perhaps take a closer look at the details of the transaction. The final investment that is going to be made by Gaensel Energy Group to complete the acquisition is going to be to the tune of as much as 10000000 Euros. The sum that is going to go towards the investment is being self-financed by the Green Solution & GNL Consortium.

It was also noted that after the completion of the transaction, the net assets that are going to belong to Tigullio Shipping are going to have a valuation of as much as 15,000,000 Euros. In addition to that, there is also going to be an Italian concession for as long as 15 years. It goes without saying that the transaction was a significant one for Gaensel Energy Group and it now remains to be seen if the company’s stock can manage to make an upward move or not.