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High pressure-based equipment manufacturing company Pressure BioSciences Inc (OTC:PBIO) is one of the companies which investors could consider looking into in light of the latest developments. The company had come into focus earlier on in the week on April 18 after it announced that it had gone into a strategic agreement with the firm Artisan Industries Inc.

Artisan is a global leader in providing separation and purification technologies to the processing industries. The agreement could well prove to be a long-term gain for Pressure BioSciences and hence, it could be a good idea for investors to perhaps take a closer look into it. The agreement in question is focussed on two important areas.

First of all, Pressure BioSciences would rent space in the facilities owned by Artisan so that the company’s manufacturing capacity would go up considerably. It is a necessity for the company at this point due to the growing demands for its Ultra Shear Technology-powered nanoemulsion clients. Secondly, the current agreement is also expected to be a precursor to Artisan eventually turning into an exclusive manufacturer of Pressure BioSciences’ Ultra Shear technology equipment. 

Hence, in the long term, this is an agreement that could turn into a major catalyst for growth for Pressure BioSciences. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Richard T Schumacher spoke about the deal as well. He noted that the agreement would help the company in making a great leap forward with regard to manufacturing capacity and would help the company in transforming to large-scale manufacturing.