Pressure Biosciences Inc (OTC:PBIO), which is involved in the manufacturing of pressure-based widely enabling instruments, was in focus yesterday after it made an announcement with regards to the results from the additional consumer group focus testing of the THC Nanoemulsion Oral Spray. The product in question is manufactured in such a way that it could be absorbed rapidly through the cheeks.

The PBIO stock ended the day with a gain of 13.68% at $1.

The product had been manufactured through the deployment of the company’s revolutionary Ultra Shear Technology platform by Pressure Biosciences’ California-based companies. One of those was Crème De Crème, which is a California-licensed manufacturer and well-established provider of high-quality cannabis products. The additional consumer focus group testing involved more than doubling of the original number of participants.

Additionally, the results strongly affirmed the multiple pivotal results on the Ultra Shear processed product was significantly different from other regular THC-based products. Some of the findings from the results were revealed by Pressure Biosciences yesterday. The first effects begin fairly quickly as compared to the 30-60 minutes it usually takes with other THC-based edibles.

The progression to maximum was also much faster than in the case of other products, which often require a time window of 60 to 120 minutes to take maximum effect. The product also helped in the elimination of some of the health problems that originated from vaping and smoking. The formulation is completely natural and sterile. It would be packaged with no preservatives at all.