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If you are currently on the lookout for companies involved in the cybersecurity space, then it may be a good time to take a look into Sekur Private Data Ltd. (OTCQX:SWISF) (CSE:SKUR). The company offers a Swiss-hosted, private, and secure communications platform. On August 2, the company came into focus after it announced that it had inked a distribution agreement with the Kingdom of Morocco.

By way of the agreement, the company would provide its suite of privacy communications solutions to the Kingdom, which would include its Sekur Enterprise solutions, which are yet to be launched. Sekur inked a reseller agreement with the Moroccan information technology firm Digital Smart Solutions Sarl (DSS), which is based out of Casablanca.

On the US exchange, SWISF stock is trading at $0.07, while its 52-week high is $0.2130. On the Canadian exchange, the stock has a 52-week high of C$0.27.

As per DSS, currently, there is no reliable private and secure messaging solution in Morocco, and hence, Sekur Messenger could prove to be the secure and private solution for the government sector, SMEs, and other enterprises. It was further noted that DSS would try to convince the 1st and 3rd biggest telecom operators in Morocco, as well as banks and governmental organizations.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sekur, Alain Ghiai, noted that everyone at the company was excited at having been able to expand into the Moroccan market.

On August 4, New To The Street announced its lineups for the round of corporate interviews that had taken place the next day. Sekur Private Data was featured in Episode 496 of the show, which was aired on Newsmax and Fox Business Network. The company’s CEO, Alain Ghiai, appeared for the interview.

He spoke about the risks of users getting hacked when using public Wi-Fi connections. He noted that if users went for Sekur VPN for a small monthly fee, they would be protected through military encryption and a Swiss VPN IP address.