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If you come across a company that may be making positive contributions across a range of industries then it could be a good move to consider taking a closer look. One such company is NNRF Inc. (OTC: NNRI), which is currently engaged in bringing about positive change in a number of industries. The company operates through a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures.

One of those is Elevate Nutraceutics LLC. Two other subsidiaries that belong to NNRF are Zeolite Australia Pty Ltd. and NNPZ Pty Ltd. The latter is a future cooperation business of the company for doing business in New Zealand, Australia, and Southeast Asia. The company believes that each of the subsidiaries will play a major role in its mission to provide environmentally friendly and innovative solutions that may contribute towards a more sustainable future.

The company is a leading player in the green circular economy, and last week it made another key announcement. NNRF announced on August 3 that it had launched its official website, The website would serve as the place from which people would be able to get all the necessary information about the company as well as all the latest updates and resources about the company’s ventures. The latest developments about the company’s subsidiaries would also be made available.

The company noted in its news release that the launch of the website was a reflection of the commitment of NNRF as a company to drive meaningful change in the agricultural and environmental spaces. The website not only provides intuitive navigation but also a user-friendly interface and anyone who visits the new website will find it easy to access detailed information about the portfolio of the company’s businesses at any given point in time. It may be a good time to keep an eye on the stock.