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The Nevada-registered corporation Sibannac Inc. (OTC:SNNC) is one of the companies that is in focus today after it made a major new announcement with regard to Immersive Brand Concepts Inc., its Oklahoma City-based subsidiary unit. The company announced that it had appointed a new Chief Executive Officer of the subsidiary in the form of Kart Gottschalk.

Immersive Concepts is involved in the advanced wellness space and in the distribution and design of a wide range of all-natural products. The company also boasts a notable range of products and is expanding. The appointment of Gottschalk as the new CEO could well prove to be a significant long-term boost for the company, given his credentials. Hence, it may be a good idea to take a look into it.

He has held a number of executive positions in which he has not only displayed considerable leadership capabilities but also achieved strong results. He had also been the national director of Jeeter/Dreamfields. During his time there, Gottschalk was successful in reformulating all the strains of the pre-roll offerings from the company.

That move alone resulted in boosting output by 100%. Additionally, he had also been responsible for introducing automation into the production process, thereby helping to cut down labor costs considerably. Simultaneously, the move also led to an improvement in product quality. He also updated the cannabis infusion technologies during his tenure and implemented vape cart manufacturing at the company.