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The payments and financial technology industries are growing at a remarkable pace and hence, investors are now increasingly looking into companies involved in these sectors. A company that investors may consider looking into at this point is SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTCQB:SMKG).

The company is a leading player in the development of Multi-Tenant E-Commerce, Cloud and Mobility applications. These applications are meant for the worldwide payment technology and financial technology industries. The company provides business intelligence, commerce strategies, and digital transformation services through a suite of applications for retail e-wallets, banking, and enterprises.

This morning the company is in the news after it made an announcement with regards to the highlights of its platform as a service technology portfolio. The portfolio in question consists of commerce strategies in the fields of payment technology, fintech, blockchain digital solutions, and artificial intelligence. It was also noted that due to the considerable capabilities of SmartCard Marketing Systems in EMV MPOS, cross border rails, e-commerce cart, and mobile wallet technologies, it was well on its way to becoming a Paytech Co.

The company announced this morning that it was further fortifying its worldwide offering of the multi-tenant platform and super Apps which would be equipped with a suite of blockchain, paytech, and artificial intelligence solutions and utilities. This suite of products would help in the delivery of extensive functionality to the company’s customers.

The President of Enterprise at SmartCard Marketing SystemsDharmeshVora spoke about the latest developments as well. He noted that through these offerings it would be possible for the company to offer financial institutions and enterprises with the right products so that they could achieve their visions in the field of payments. He went on to note that SmartCard Marketing Systems had also been experiencing a change in project demands from many of its clients.