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There have been certain stocks that have dominated the news cycle this week so far and it may be a good move to take a look into those. Here are four such stocks.

Pressure BioSciences Inc (OTC:PBIO) – The company announced the results from the third round of consumer focus group testing of its THC Nanoemulsion Oral Spray on June 27. The spray is meant for direct and rapid absorption through the cheeks and tongue. It was a significant announcement because the spray had been developed through the deployment of the company’s revolutionary Ultra Shear Technology platform.

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC:SMKG) – Last Tuesday, SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc was in focus after it made a major announcement about its business strategy.

The company announced that it was working on strengthening its worldwide offering of multi-tenant platforms and Super APPs, which would be made available with a strong suite of Blockchain, AI and PayTech utilities and protocols. It would also provide considerable functionality to its customers.

Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTC:MMMW) – It was a momentous day for Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc on Thursday as the company made a major new announcement with regards to its Concentrated Solar Power Tracking System (CST).

The company announced that the system had been enhanced to work with traditional solar power systems and also thermal-based Sterling engines. It would help in driving down the cost of power generation considerably.

Additionally, the company also revealed that it would also help in generating 170% more energy than traditional solar power systems.  

General Enterprise Ventures Inc (OTC:GEVI) – The company is currently best known for the work being done by its subsidiary Mighty Fire Breaker. Last Tuesday it emerged that Mighty Fire Breaker had made a demonstration of its fire retardant chemical MFB-31-CitroTech in a wildfire setting. The whole thing had also been recorded by ABC TV Los Angeles reporter and anchor Phillip Palmer.