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One of the stocks that could be on the radars of investors this morning is Ra Medical (NYSE American:RMED), since it has had a strong opening. The company, along with its fully owned subsidiary unit Catheter Precision, is involved in the medical devices space in the United States.

It is focused on delivering new treatments which could help in improving the treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias. The company works with physicians in order to develop path-breaking technology related to electrophysiology procedures and also to improve its offerings continuously.

This morning the stock went up about 3% after announcing that Catheter Precision, its fully owned subsidiary unit, submitted the data required for determining the CE marking on its LockeT Product to the European Notified Body. Not too long ago, Catheter Precision had been successful in completing the final stage of the three-year shelf life sterility testing which would clear the path for achieving the CE Mark

The interim Chief Executive Officer of the company David Jenkins spoke about the development as well. He noted that it was another significant milestone for Ra Medical. He went on to note that everyone at the company was not only excited about the prospect of LockeT in the United States market but in the global markets as well. The company expects to be awarded the CE Mark during the third quarter of the year and once that is awarded, it would be possible for the company to market the product in the European market.