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Over the course of the past months General Enterprise Ventures Inc (OTC: GEVI) has emerged as a company to watch for many investors and much of that is primarily because of the sort of work that had been accomplished by the company’s subsidiary unit Mighty Fire Breaker.

Firefighting remains one of the major challenges in the world, however, it becomes even more of a challenge when one needs to take the well-being of the environment into consideration. Mighty Fire Breaker has managed to come up with a proactive wildfire risk-reducing product named MFB-31-CitroTech, which is safe for the environment. It is the company’s accredited chemistry and has already become a source of considerable intrigue for many investors.

The company was in the news yesterday after it emerged that the product had added another major new feature that could make it even more effective. The feature in question is smoke detection monitoring and that is a feature that is going to offer far greater value with regard to the reduction of risks that can be brought upon by fire. Such a monitoring system is going to help in the activation of the firefighting systems much sooner and result in a quick resolution.

However, the most important thing to point out in this regard is that organizations of considerable repute have already recognized MFB-31-CitroTech as an effective environmentally safe product. For instance, the product has already been included in the Safer Choice Program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

It is the only proprietary chemistry of its kind to have been added to the program and that is a major factor that may be on the minds of investors when they consider the viability of the product. The addition of the latest feature could make the product even more attractive to many customers.