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The firefighting industry is one that may not often get as much attention from investors but the latest product from the fully owned subsidiary of General Environmental Ventures Inc (OTC: GEVI), Mighty Fire Breaker may well be worth looking into.

One of the things that need to be remembered with regards to Mighty Fire Breaker is that its ‘Environment Safe Proactive Fire Protection Process’ has been approved by government agencies like Environment Protection Agency, Aquatic Testing Laboratories, and Underwriters Laboratories. If you are interested in Mighty Fire Breaker then you could do well to take a look at a key development from earlier on in the week on August 31.

On that day it emerged that MFB-31-CitroTechTM from Mighty Fire Breaker had been listed under GreenGuard Gold and SPOT by Underwriters Laboratories. It was a significant new development for Mighty Fire Breaker and one that could come as a long-term boost for its product. However, in this contest, it is also necessary to keep in mind that not too long ago MFB-31-CitroTechTM had also cleared the aquatic bioassay testing conducted under California Title 22 CCR. At the conclusion of that testing process, the product had been deemed non-hazardous and non-toxic in nature.

The listing done by Underwriters Laboratories is the latest feather in the cap for Mighty Fire Breaker and it is going burning the credentials of the product further.

The President of Mighty Fire Breaker, Steve Conboy, spoke about the development as well. He noted that the latest accreditation from Underwriters Laboratories has managed to reinforce the point that Mighty Fire Breaker is the safest ‘fire chemistry in the world. He went on to note that there are many other fire extinguishing products in the world that are toxins in nature and can cause cancers.